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Kangaroo Leather Downhill Longboard Slide Gloves LARGE AND EXTRA LARGE

Kangaroo Leather Downhill Longboard Slide Gloves LARGE AND EXTRA LARGE

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Introducing our premium Downhill Longboard Slide Gloves, engineered from top-tier kangaroo leather and meticulously crafted for any rider seeking unparalleled comfort and durability .

Features That Enhance The Riding Experience:

1. Kangaroo Leather Construction: Experience unmatched durability and flexibility with the finest kangaroo leather, offering exceptional resistance against wear and tear while ensuring a comfortable, form-fitting feel.

2. Hard Plastic Knuckle Guards: Hard plastic knuckle guards to protect your hands in a street fight.

3. Breathable and Comfortable: Don't compromise comfort for protection. These gloves are engineered with breathable materials and perforated leather.

4. Versatile and Adaptable: Whether you're a seasoned downhill enthusiast or just starting, these gloves cater to all skill levels, providing the support and protection needed to enhance your riding experience.


Elevate your downhill longboarding experience to new heights with our Downhill Longboard Slide Gloves. It's not just a purchase; it's an investment in your safety and performance on the hills. Harness the power of superior protection and unparalleled performance—order yours today!


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